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Products - Fox Valley Fittings & Controls, Inc.

Your First Choice for Tube Fittings, Valves, Hoses and Instrumentation Products. Fox Valley Fittings & Controls, Inc. represents some of the finest manufacturers of fittings, valves, hoses, mechanical control products and related commodities, offering a solution to all of your specialty connection needs.


At Fox Valley Fittings & Controls, our precision-engineered fittings guarantee seamless connections, ensuring reliability and efficiency in industrial fluid and gas applications.


Explore the diverse range of valves at Fox Valley Fittings & Controls, designed to regulate, control, and isolate flow, offering robust performance and durability across various industrial processes.


Fox Valley Fittings & Controls brings cutting-edge switches that deliver precision control and monitoring solutions for industrial automation, enhancing safety and efficiency.

Pressure Regulators

Optimize pressure management with Fox Valley Fittings & Controls’ high-quality regulators, crafted for stability and accuracy in diverse industrial systems.


Elevate your sensing capabilities with Fox Valley Fittings & Controls' advanced transducers, converting physical parameters into precise electrical signals for accurate monitoring and control.

Hose, Tubing and Clamps

Fox Valley Fittings & Controls offers a comprehensive selection of hoses, tubing, and clamps, ensuring secure fluid conveyance with durability and flexibility in demanding industrial environments.


Enhance process purity with Fox Valley Fittings & Controls' efficient filters, engineered to remove contaminants and maintain fluid and gas integrity in industrial applications.

Sight Flow Indicators

Gain real-time visibility into processes with Fox Valley Fittings & Controls' sight flow indicators, providing a clear view of fluid flow for monitoring and troubleshooting.