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Enhance process purity with Fox Valley Fittings & Controls’ efficient filters, engineered to remove contaminants and maintain fluid and gas integrity in industrial applications.

Coalescing Filters

  • Removes 99.99% of 0.01 micron particles of oil, water, and dirt from compressed air and other gases
  • Continuously traps and drains liquids
  • Service flow ranges from a few SCFM to 40,000 SCFM
  • Removes trace oil vapor with adsorbent cartridges


Sterile Air Filters

  • Removes 98+% of 0.01 micron particles
  • Removes liquid condensate at the same efficiency as for solid particles
  • Removes essentially all nonvolatile boiler feedwater chemicals
  • Complies with USDA FDA regulations

Analyzer Filters

  • Removes liquids and solids from gas samples
  • Removes solids and gas bubbles from liquid samples
  • Coalesces and separates two liquid phases
  • Filters solids and liquids from gases with 99.99% efficiency
  • Temperature resistance to 900° F
  • Low pressure drop
  • Long life between filter element changes

Vacuum Pump Filters

  • Exhaust filters eliminate oil mist and smoke from vacuum pump exhaust
  • Prevents oil backstreaming
  • Prevents oil accumulation in ductwork
  • Protects vacuum pumps and reduce costly maintenance
  • Easy to install and maintain

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